Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Encounter Bay Village Shopping Centre - Makris Corporation

The Makris Corporation has sought an extension to the Major Development Assessment status on its proposed shopping centre at Encounter Bay. The $250million Encounter Bay Village is still expected to include a shopping centre with a discount department store, supermarket, specialty shops and food court (17,000 square metres). In late 2009 it was estimated the project would create 650 new jobs.

Here is an article from the Times on the coast (BY ANTHONY CAGGIANO)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ERA 2012 Journal List

With the Australian Research Council (ARC) removing the journal rankings (A*-C) from their ERA journal list there will be an increased focus on citation metrics and specifically the relative citation impact (RCI). In fields of research that did not undergo peer review - ERA ratings were no doubt driven by the RCI values available to the national Research Evaluation Committees (RECs). The RCI is a ratio of the number of citations per paper a particular unit of evaluation has to the expected world citation rate. RCI is most useful because it is discipline and time specific meaning that it takes into account both the fact that different disciplines have different citation trends and that older articles generally have more citations than younger articles. RCIs can be calculated using data available from citation data suppliers such as Elsevier (Scopus) and Thomson Reuters (Web of Science).